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GinQ offers Social Movie Reviews , in 160 Characters or Less

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Trending Movies is one powerful website, one of its kinds that shares social movie reviews in no more than 160 characters, short and to the point. How many of you are tired to read those 2 pages information about a movie and in the end to just figure out the story and stop watching the movie? Well, here you will learn exactly what you need about a movie without releasing any important story points.

You have the opportunity to be a film critic, with features like rating and reviewing movies. Now you can even plan to watch movies with your friends and your followers and then keep track of each of your favorite movies and watch them again after some time.

Learn about trending movies or the ones from box office, they change each time a new one appears, so you can be on track with the latest news.

The most interesting thing is that you can contribute with movie reviews, keep in touch with your fans and change people opinions about different movies. Learn new important about some of your favorite movies and share them with your followers.

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