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plan to watch Run Time :121 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG-13

Awakenings : 1990

90 out of 100 based on 4 ratings, 4 reviews

Genres : Drama

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Tina  gave it :

A very good movie, good interpretation by Robert De Niro Robin Williams who attended out as good a movie Patch Adams in 1998.


Suzanne  gave it :

Impressive this movie with two great actors we offer recitals actor Robert De Niro in the role of patient in coma and Robin Williams in the role of Dr. Malcolm.


omid  gave it :

Awesome. Robert and Robin couldn't play any better. 100% recommend it.


Pamela  gave it :

A doctor finds himself with a ward full of patients in coma. What bothers him is that I'm in a coma for decades and have no hope of healing.

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