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plan to watch Run Time :99 minutes Release Date :

Baby's Day Out : 1994

80 out of 100 based on 2 ratings, 2 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Action , Comedy , Family

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Patricia  gave it :

An adventure for kids, a nightmare for kidnappers, a great comedy for spectators and an inspiration brilliant director.


Jennifer  gave it :

I laughed all the way through movie.Young & old will enjoy this movie.You just want 2 keep watching 2 see what baby will get into next. Will kidnappers survive?

  • hannanmubarak hannanmubarak : OMG ... It is complete fun. Superbly created movie about a child who tackle 3 bad guys. highly recommended.
  • Genesis_kathy Genesis_kathy : Baby's Day Out is the crown jewel of screenplays in John Hughes's gallery of masterpieces.
  • shaylee_sky shaylee_sky : I can't control my laughter while am watching this movie. Marvelous. Hilarious.

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