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plan to watch Run Time :105 minutes Release Date :

Fled : 1996

80 out of 100 based on 4 ratings, 4 reviews

Genres : Action , Thriller

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Shiela  gave it :

The movie is pretty good, has plenty of action, notably the role that makes Laurence Fishburne nor Stephen Baldwin does not play bad at all.


Mary  gave it :

Appearance of actress Goldie Hawn in the film makes it intelligent film, with subtle jokes and the couple makes it to Mel Gibson is so charming.


Suzanne  gave it :

I saw even one year after he appeared and it seemed ok! But as technology progresses and effects all are in great demand may not have the same impact now!


maya  gave it :

Dodge is a computer hacker serving a prison term; Piper is a tough guy. They end up chained together...

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