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plan to watch Run Time :95 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG

Flicka : 2006

70 out of 100 based on 3 ratings, 3 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Drama , Family

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Jennifer  gave it :

This film focuses not on committed action around a horse, as some speculate, but the idea of friendship between a man and an animal.

Donna H. Amar

Donna H. Amar  gave it :

A great movie, a shame that he received more promotion, and had to discover it in just two years after launch ....


mishal  gave it :

Adventure move based on the novel by Mary O'Hara, the updated "Flicka" is set against the backdrop of a modern-day ranch in Wyoming

  • juliass47 juliass47 : mean interesting story because novel reflect our life...what you say......?
  • angelflora66 angelflora66 : yes juliaana you are quite right

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