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plan to watch Run Time :105 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

I Know Who Killed Me : 2007

80 out of 100 based on 2 ratings, 2 reviews

Genres : Drama , Horror , Thriller , Mystery

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Pamela  gave it :

A very well chosen ... original sin ... and how to run intraeaga action, a good movie, but with many flaws that could be solved or at least avoided.


fakeloreal  gave it :

Extraordinary look on multiple personality disorder.Based on true case, Lindsay plays an adult, psychologically transformed 4m years of physical abuse & torture

  • gracie269 gracie269 : This is a good movie that doesn't deserved to be trashed.
  • jasminemolly65 jasminemolly65 : A good story about our time. Good interpretation & the shadows of an interesting thriller. Source of lot of questions about values & social realities.
  • Hazel_imani Hazel_imani : This movie is filled with lots of suspense. And i love to watch it again.

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