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plan to watch Run Time :115 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG-13

I, Robot : 2004

90 out of 100 based on 6 ratings, 6 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Drama , Action , Thriller

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Umberto  gave it :

Like it


Suzanne  gave it :

A moral of this movie, if we deduct one, is that we will kill ourselves, weapons and technologies made ??new.


Rachel  gave it :

An inspired movement by Asimov's stories do not use the script itself but only to learn from them. I, Robot is a good movie!


Tia  gave it :

Movie shows 2035 where humans & robots are living together & a cop believe that Robots r untrustable & he want to stop this revolution.


Jennifer  gave it :

The film surprised me, I never thought that a robot can be made ??so human, and therefore I can say it ranks among the best SF.

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