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plan to watch Run Time :98 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

Joy Ride : 2001

80 out of 100 based on 5 ratings, 5 reviews

Genres : Thriller , Suspense

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Stefanie  gave it :

A corresponding movie genre (thriller) in all respects, suspenseful moments and some well placed humor storyline.


Natasha  gave it :

Successful thriller movie ... wants to stress that people are actually beings that you have to be the fear that they may harm you irreparably.


Pamela  gave it :

The film is just a remake of Duel (1971) directed by Steven Spielberg, but improved slightly modified the effects.


Genesis  gave it :

A man with his bro & girlfriend embark on road trip.After playing a cruel trick with truck driver they finds themselves fighting 4 their lives against a psycho.


RachelEva5  gave it :

Looking for a thriller that throws intelligence out the window in favor of mindless entertainment? Joy Ride is what you're in search of. Fully thrilling movie

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