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plan to watch Run Time :112 minutes Release Date :

Looking For Richard : 1996

80 out of 100 based on 1 ratings, 1 reviews

Genres : Drama , Documentary

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hania_han  gave it :

Al Pacino's Looking for Richard was an overlooked gem. An insightful, funny and poignant look at the troubles Shakespeare causes American actors & film makers.

  • lisafairy lisafairy : It is quite a fine movie & billed as an introduction for those unfamiliar with Shakespeare.
  • shudaincarry shudaincarry : Yeah... you are right lisa, & you know one thing, It is Al Pacino's 1st movie as an actor & director.
  • hannanmubarak hannanmubarak : But ladies ......... you know that , inspite of all these good things, this movie is not a blockbuster. It is just a fine movie.

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