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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted : 2012

90 out of 100 based on 11 ratings, 11 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family

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Lorraine  gave it :

Madagascar 3 shows us the lion and his friends inseparable Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, who do their best to return "home" at the Central Park Zoo.


Rachel  gave it :

I hope to deserve seen ... I just watched the first movie so far and I rely on the words of others and the trailer.


Kathleen  gave it :

One of the best existing animations! Marty is extremely funny, but King Julien seemed very much!


Stefanie  gave it :

DreamWorks has created some great films so far, especially Madagascar. Well, I liked all the series. I hope to be and this good. It will be a great trilogy.


Pamela  gave it :

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a nice animation..... is not like Ice age, or Shrek ... but worth seeing.

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