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plan to watch Run Time :94 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG-13

Midnight in Paris : 2011

80 out of 100 based on 5 ratings, 5 reviews

Genres : Comedy , Science Fiction , Romance

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Jennifer  gave it :

I thought it was a brilliant film! I perceived as a dictionary of general knowledge. Midnight in Paris is a great movie!


Pamela  gave it :

I loved it and even I did not expect. I laughed a lot at rhinos of Dali and I was impressed the theory related to fear of death.


RachelEva5  gave it :

A family travels to Paris for business where the relationship of a young couple comes into focus when they are forced to look into a life beyond their own.


Natasha  gave it :

For me, after Match Point is the best film by Woody Allen in the last 15 years. It's a tribute to the most romantic city in the world.


Lisa  gave it :

A Movie is about the the world of Paris & the romance of Paris How hectic some times it is !!!!!


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