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plan to watch Run Time :117 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG-13

My Life : 1993

70 out of 100 based on 1 ratings, 1 reviews

Genres : Drama , Romance , Indie

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celina  gave it :

This touching movie is About a man's illness is not for everyone & it could be painful for some people to see. Still, it is handled with such good taste .

  • alice_jazzi alice_jazzi : This movie is quite a heart warming movie, Scenes in this film are sure to turn on the waterwork & pull the heartstrings.
  • alexunstopable alexunstopable : A great movie & definitely a roller coaster of emotions.... Highly recommended.
  • CelinaTristan CelinaTristan : This movie instantly delivers you into its atmosphere & shows reality of life. I must say this movie is a tearjerker.

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