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plan to watch Run Time :114 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

New Nightmare : 1994

80 out of 100 based on 1 ratings, 1 reviews

Genres : Horror , Thriller

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alexunstopable  gave it :

Craven has always been my favorite directer & this movie shows why. I like First one & the Third one was Awesome. This is only movie that can scare me.

  • jessicaalba0 jessicaalba0 : Wes Craven's this movie is quite different from rest of this series but it shows much more originality and is more realistic.
  • Rebecca_rosie Rebecca_rosie : Interesting concept, it kept my attention from start to finish.
  • hania_han hania_han : Freddy is again in front of us but with whole new look. There aren't many death scenes in this installment but plenty of scares.

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