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plan to watch Run Time :124 minutes Release Date :

Prometheus : 2012

90 out of 100 based on 15 ratings, 15 reviews

Genres : Horror , Action , Science Fiction

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Lorraine  gave it :

With Prometheus, Ridley Scott, director of Alien series and the film Blade Runner, created a new mythology in which a team of explorers discover clues.


Mohamed  gave it :

great movie. specially the director who did a huge work. love it


Jennifer  gave it :

Prometheus is not a prequel in every sense, but has close ties with Alien. A good movie that I recommend it!


Rachel  gave it :

I watch it because I liked the small series "Alien", and because, in general, I like Ridley Scott as director. I was not disappointed.


Kathleen  gave it :

If you expect an "instant classic" will be disappointed. If you want only a fiction to keep you plugged in for two hours, Prometheus is your movie.

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