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plan to watch Run Time :120 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

Rendition : 2007

80 out of 100 based on 5 ratings, 5 reviews

Genres : Drama , Thriller , Mystery

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Tina  gave it :

The film in question did not try in a very original way to raise an issue extensively discussed by overseas organizations and human rights protection.


Umberto  gave it :


Donna H. Amar

Donna H. Amar  gave it :

Rendition has an extraordinarily good topic, Reese Witherspoon plays sensational a role though not so great as Meryl Streep.


Jennifer  gave it :

He could picturize better story a great assembly who knew a film to be made ??by people who have made ??a good movie. Rendition is a great movie!


Lisa  gave it :

A CIA analyst witnesses an unlawful interrogation of a prisoner in a secret location outside the US. He now questions his position in the government.

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