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plan to watch Run Time :91 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

Stolen : 2009

60 out of 100 based on 2 ratings, 2 reviews

Genres : Drama , Thriller , Crime , Documentary

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Jennifer  gave it :

Rates. On a construction site is found (buried) corpse, a boy, boy the same age as detective Tom Adkins.


gracie269  gave it :

A thrilling n adventurous movie, Story of a small town policeman who is searching a killer who kill's a boy 50 years ago. Full of suspense

  • AishLeena AishLeena : thrilling and adventurous movie... i can not move my eyes for a while during watching it
  • alice_jazzi alice_jazzi : interesting one.... no one will be bored to seeing it
  • angelflora66 angelflora66 : entertaining package .

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