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Taken 2 : 2012

100 out of 100 based on 7 ratings, 7 reviews

Genres : Drama , Action , Thriller , Crime

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ZEESHAN  gave it :

Again Liam Neeson proved in this movie that he's the best actor. Such a nice movie- 100% recommended.


Shiela  gave it :

Taken 2 is a great sequel. Liam Neeson is a great actor and he proved that is one of the best actors at this time.


Patricia  gave it :

As good as the first, filmed in a new location, Taken 2 touches you, attracts you, keep you in suspense and makes you want a sequel.


Gabriella  gave it :

The film is not as good, original and innovative as the first part. It was worth it though to see Liam Neeson is perfect in the role,and the moments of suspense


Lorraine  gave it :

Liam Neeson is modest, with cold blood, and do not hesitate. He did what needed to be done to protect the family. Definitely a movie to be watched.

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