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plan to watch Run Time :145 minutes Release Date :

The Day of the Jackal : 1973

100 out of 100 based on 4 ratings, 4 reviews

Genres : Action , Thriller , Suspense , Foreign

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Lorraine  gave it :

Here, however, that the jackal great opportunity to honor the contract arises from celebrations of 25 August 1963, Liberation Day.


Natasha  gave it :

The remake of '97, with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere, though very well done technically, not to its taste, with a great Edward Fox.


Pamela  gave it :

The extremist wing of the French Army Intelligence Organization (OAS), led by Colonel Rodin, hires a hitman to kill the General Charles de Gaulle.


Jasmine  gave it :

Entertaining drama about a killer, hired 2 kill Charles.It follows step by step his preparations 4 assassination & the authorities trying to track him down.

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