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plan to watch Run Time :103 minutes Release Date : Certificate :PG-13

The Day the Earth Stood Still : 2008

70 out of 100 based on 6 ratings, 6 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Drama , Action , Thriller

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Tina  gave it :

A very good movie with an unexpected finale, also the special effects are excellent and the actors did an excellent job in the film!


Natasha  gave it :

Until the present moment, the human race has no contact with an alien world. That's until now, first meeting of grade 3 with Klaatu, an alien-looking human.


Dogfilm  has ginqed this movie

This was a HUGE disappointment to me.It doesn't hold a candle to the original 1951 classic,which is now badly dated,but still has a timely message.


Stefanie  gave it :

A film that invites us to respect the environment where we live in, we became a threat to the planet and we need an alien entity to warn us.


alexunstopable  gave it :

A group of extra-terrestrials arrives on earth to stop mankind from their destructive behavior, even if it means wiping out the human race.

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