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plan to watch Run Time :110 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

The Edge of Love : 2008

80 out of 100 based on 5 ratings, 5 reviews

Genres : Drama , History , Romance , Foreign

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Natasha  gave it :

I liked everything except the final film. Perhaps I am wrong I perceived from the beginning.


Rachel  gave it :

There was a bad movie, since it was one British, who address a love story and during the Second World War!


Tina  gave it :

A story with a lot of realism, I liked more than the opposite end connected friendship between two women, as the poet left me cold.


AishLeena  gave it :

This movie is about a poet Thomas & two most important women in his life. one is his wife & other is his girlfriend & his wife's sister.


Jennifer  gave it :

The film's best scenes are those in which Dylan Thomas is present a controversial and crazy personality, a free spirit and adored by the women from his life.

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