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plan to watch Run Time :188 minutes Release Date : Certificate :R

The Green Mile : 1999

80 out of 100 based on 5 ratings, 5 reviews

Genres : Fantasy , Drama , Crime , Science Fiction

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hannanmubarak  gave it :

"The Green Mile" expertly mixes film genres, It's part prison flick, part supernatural mystery & part drama. It was adapted from Sephen King's novel. Brilliant.


Rachel  gave it :

The Green Mile has a disturbing story, an interpretation of the exception, this film change guards model adopted by many movies of the genre.


Jennifer  gave it :

A very good movie, one of my all time favorites. Although is longer, is so well done and the roles are well played that do not know when the time passes!


Pamela  gave it :

"The Green Mile" is a big screen adaptation of the famous Stephen King's column novel, published in 1996. The Green Mile is an awesome drama.


Lisa  gave it :

A wrongly convicted man sits on death row while the officers who guard him interact with him and his powers.


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