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Total Recall : 2012

80 out of 100 based on 6 ratings, 6 reviews

Genres : Action , Science Fiction

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Shiela  gave it :

Colony, one of the two realms of film, is a mixture of Asian symbols in rainy weather and a squeeze of neon and people on different levels of height.


Patricia  gave it :

Director Len Wiseman (Underwold series) is part of everything offered by technology advances, sufficient funds and a flair for the necessary atmosphere.


Gabriella  gave it :

Instead Arnold's humor, mutant creatures and bloody-sexual audacity of the original film, the new Total Recall just put in place a permanently frolicking.


Lorraine  gave it :

The film is a sensational keeping some key moments from the movie with Arnold but more suspense and much more action.


Mary  gave it :

Rather a technological update to the 1990 original excellent than SF claims, Total Recall takes your eyes with the special effects very well made.

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