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plan to watch Run Time :91 minutes Release Date :

Toto the Hero : 1991

80 out of 100 based on 1 ratings, 1 reviews

Genres : Drama

Director : Jaco Van Dormael
Cast : Michel Bouquet
Studios : Iblis Films
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Hazel  gave it :

It is one of those rare films that improves with each viewing there are enough levels going on to satisfy the 100 movie deconstructionist .

  • hayek_salma hayek_salma : This beautiful sophisticated film is for those who likes a good story with interesting plot.
  • lisafairy lisafairy : "Toto le héros" is a touching film that will please the movie critics as well as the common viewers.
  • Carol__brooke Carol__brooke : This charming film is about fate, love, and childhood fantasies.

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