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plan to watch Run Time :126 minutes Release Date :

Wrath of the Titans : 2012

90 out of 100 based on 11 ratings, 11 reviews

Genres : Adventure , Fantasy , Action

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Jennifer  gave it :

Totally really enjoyable movie & brilliant in 3d! Superb effects! Disengage your brain,take in diabolical liberty taken with these Greek mythology characters.


Jennifer  gave it :

Wrath of the Titans is another good movie, and from what I seeing here, the movie is really worth to be seen, I certainly will watch it!


Rachel  gave it :

Here is the continuation of "Clash of Titans", a continuation not think has any connection with the first. Wrath of the Titans is a great movie!


Kathleen  gave it :

I always liked movies that are based on legends of Olympus. I once read these stories, now when the gods come to life in movies, like old files are back.


Stefanie  gave it :

A good film with mythological gods. The three actors (Liam Nesson, Ralph Fiennes and Sam Worthington) plays well in the film.

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